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Pickup truck position wanted! You know you get better gas mileage with a dog in the cab, right? more about Gator

These pages are dedicated to the rescue and placement of coonhounds. These wonderful dogs have had a rough beginning to most of their lives. This is their chance (and sometimes a last chance) to become a cherished member of a loving family, maybe yours? Do you have room in your hearts and on your couch new familppsity member?

Coonhounds are not just for hunting. They make wonderful pets and fit right in with
family life
. We know of a few who are working as Therapy Dogs and in Search and Rescue. czenaboyz

Coonhounds are intelligent, entertaining and amusing. They have a sense of humor, too. They are very social and easily adapt to other pets in your family. Coonhounds do enjoy a daily walk, but are also very happy to sleep the day away on the couch. Outside activities are more fun with a canine companion. Hiking, camping, snowshoeing and cross country skiing are just a few things which our friends with coonhounds enjoy.

The dogs pictured here are just a few who have been in foster care with Michigan Coonhound Rescue. We are a non-profit rescue/adoption organization dedicated to finding loving, responsible homes which will provide a high degree of love and care for coonhounds in need.docrocks

We are an all volunteer organization. We are also very limited in number. Please have patience when contacting us, we try to stay current, but the dog's needs always come first. Please visit our Adoption page for more information about becoming a coonhound family.

If you would like to help with a donation, you can use the Pay Pal button on the left sidebar, or go to our Donations page for more information. Since we are all unpaid volunteers, every dollar sent goes directly for the care of the dogs.